VINCE EDGE talks about his Career Direct Experience

How it works

Getting Started


Your invoice covers the assessment instrument, a 26-page report, links to a wealth of online resources and a two to three hour consultation.

On-line assessment


You will be sent a link to the online assesment. It will take about  one hour to complete.

Your Career Direct Consultation


Your 26 page report will detail your unique design in four areas: 

>Personality Style

>Work and Study Interests

>Skills and Abilities


We will spend about three hours together unpacking your report.  Although face-to-face consulation is best we can do it via SKYPE or WhatsApp

Personality Style


Career Direct analyzes and reports on your personality style in six elements.Each element is further broken down into two or three subfactors.  This detail produces a clear picture of your unique style.  Specific work needs are described for each style element.  

Work, Study and Activity Interests


The assessment develops a clear picture of your areas of interest and applies that knowledge to recommend fields of study or training that will equip you to pursue your highest interests.

Skills and Abilites


You will rate yourself on fourteen key skills and abilites.  You will be encouraged to further develop your strongest skills and abilites.



Values are critical for making wise decisions about our future.  You will be challenged to rank your values from highest to lowest in three areas of life:

> Work Environment

> Work Outcomes

> Life Purpose

Follow-on resources


You will be sent a link to an HTML version of your report.  Embedded in the report are many hotlinks that willl enable you to research fields of study and the careers those studies will equip you to pursue. You will be able to download an Action Planner document designed to help you process what you have learned.

How good is Career Direct?


Career Direct has helped 100's of thousands of students seeking direction for post-highschool studies and adults facing career change to understand their unique God-given design and lean into that.

Career Direct has been professionally validated and tested

Career Direct is available in 20 languages.  

Career Direct is used around the world.

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