Personality ID is an enhanced DISC diagnostic tool that has proven to be effective and powerful for building stronger teams.

Personality ID evaluates individual team-member personality styles and the collective style of the whole team.

Personality ID provides the tools to:

  • Build a better understanding of how  team members process information
  • Enhance rapport among team members 
  • Better understand the strengths and non-strengths of team members 
  • Understand what roles a team member is more likely to excel at 
  • Find out how to more effectively motivate team members 
  • Better understand how to avoid discouraging, or offending, a team member 
  • Find out if your team is lopsided, with too many players having the same style 
  • Find out if your team is missing a strength area vital to future effectiveness
  • Evaluate the potential loss of an individual from the team 
  • Plan for additions to the team that will bring needed strengths to the table 
  • Enhance your executive search by understanding a candidate’s leadership style

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